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I got engaged at the beginning of the month and needed my ring resized and cleaned. The ring is my fiancées grandmothers ring and I was concerned where to take it. My good friend Elizabeth told me about Armen And Joseph. I went and was very impressed. I met Joseph who is one of the owners. He was very nice and friendly. He told me about my ring and even let me look at the diamond with his fancy eye glass magnifier. I do not know the technical term! He gave me a fair price, a write up and even touched up some of the areas that were there from a previous jeweler that needed to be smoothed out. I also had an insurance appraisal done while it was there. I came to pick it up and was so pleased with it. I have worn it everyday and I'm so happy that my friend gave me the recommendation to see Armen and Joseph jewelers. I will be a customer for life! Thank you!!

Lora Cristal

Amazing service! Went in to have my favorite ring repaired and was greeted at the door. My ring is silver/cubic zirconia and the band was warped. They took it to the back to inspect it and went ahead and fixed it while I was filling out my info! I was amazed how fast it was, I was thinking it would take a few days at least.

They recommended not professionally cleaning my ring as it could knock some stones loose. They also told me they could re-create my ring in white gold and diamonds if I ever wanted to do a custom design! Seriously incredible service. I didn't have a chance to look around at their jewelry selection but I'm sure it's fabulous. I will definitely come back!

Anna Laura M

Armen and Joseph did an AMAZING job on our wedding jewelry!! We got our engagement ring upgraded, both wedding bands, two custom necklaces, and my great grandmothers topaz ring resized. Everything was perfect and the staff has been wonderful to work with! I HIGHLY recommend this shop!

Chelsea Miklos

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